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    The portal has an updated and vast database of active job seekers, which it makes available for the recruiters so that they can hire the right candidates on a timely basis and quite fast. Our database contains job seekers from different industry verticals like banking, healthcare, IT, telecom, retail, pharmaceutical, and many more to cater to the diverse needs of the placement industry with sheer resourcefulness.

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    Applicant Tracking System is a tool, exclusively developed for recruiters so that they can manage everything related to particular hiring through our portal. Right from job opening management to job seekers’ correspondence management, the recruiters get complete freedom to manage job openings through Applicant Tracking System

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    Our database of job seekers is constantly scrutinized, sorted, and updated by a team of learned professionals, who understand recruiters’ requirements, constraints, and challenges. Thus, we are capable of serving profiles of only those candidates that can best match your current openings, which leads to saving of time, energy, and money, while you focus on core business areas

    Free Job Posting Sites and Job-Portals

    There are several ways to advertise your post or job requirements; still, it is a practice in most corporations to post a job requirement in a newspaper with widespread circulation. Based on the priority and importance of the job vacancy, you can use the various offline and online job posting platforms.

    Placing a Job Post on Job-Portal or Newspaper Advertisement?

    It costs thousands of rupees to post a job advertisement in a leading newspaper. Also, newspaper ads are of limited duration: your advertisement is published only for a day or two.

    Secondly, you have countless choices for posting the job. Online job posting is the best and economical solution for finding suitable candidates for particular job openings.  Online job posts remain on the website for a more extended period it ranging from a week to a month or even for a year

    One of the best free job portals in India. is a favorite among fresh graduates, undergrads, and tradespeople looking for their maiden jobs. This is an ideal website for startups and small ventures to look for budding talent.

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