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    Security Guard Jobs Kolkata  

    सुरक्षा गार्ड कर्तव्यों में अक्सर संपत्ति को गश्त करके परिसर और कर्मियों को सुरक्षित करना शामिल होता है,
    निगरानी उपकरणों की निगरानी और इमारतों और उपकरणों का निरीक्षण करना।
    सुरक्षा गार्ड के कर्तव्यों के साथ-साथ प्रवेश की अनुमति देने या प्रतिबंधित करने के साथ-साथ बिंदुओं तक भी पहुंच सकते हैं. Security Guard Jobs

    Scope of Job: To assist, supervise & control the day to day operations & overall performance of security staff, to make sure that adequate supervision is provided & accountable for the security, fire safety & safety of the property, guest, visitors, employees and assets by Implementing the best security practices & through constant liaison, vigilance & intelligence collection.

    1. Material Movement:– Inward, outward, NRGP and RGP, supervising ITC and non ITC material movement, reports pertaining to material movement, Food court cargo material movement

    2. Campus Traffic Discipline Management And Signages:– Ensure two wheeler, four wheeler traffic discipline in campus, attend to traffic distress calls within campus, ensure nil cases of accident within campus, maintenance and repair of zebra cross, pedestrian pathways, humps, traffic and safety signages,

    3. Ambulance Management:– Supervise timely maintenance and upkeep of ITC Ambulance, allotment of duties of ambulance drivers, ensure servicing of Ambulance accessories and ensure timely availability of ambulance for evacuation within the campus in times of emergency.

    4. PARKING Management:– Separate two wheeler and four wheeler parking management, 4 wheeler sticker issue, ensure no blockage/ wrong parking in campus, routine campus rounds in periodic basis to assess the traffic status within the campus.

    5. External Area Housekeeping:– Periodic tree inspection followed by tree trimming/pruning, coordinate with horticulture consultant and do the needful for ensuring healthy plants and greenery in campus, coordinate timely lawns and landscape maintenance in common area of campus, Ensure cleanliness in common area restrooms, Coordination of garbage and waste disposal with external vendors,

    6. Security Routines And Common Area Administration Support:-Preparation of duty roster, attendance of security personnel, Visitor lounge management, Courier management, Coordinate Upkeep of Security gadgets like ID card printer, Walkie Talkie, , baggage scanner, DFMD, turnstiles, Liaison with police (Law and order, traffic) and Fire department, Attending Fire emergencies, Training of Security personnel, etc.

    मॉल सुरक्षा गार्ड –आप प्रवेश बिंदु पर लोगों और वाहनों का निरीक्षण करेंगे और उसके बाद प्रवेश को अधिकृत करेंगे। इसके अतिरिक्त, आपको किसी भी तकनीकी खराबी से बचने के लिए नियमित रूप से निगरानी उपकरणों की निगरानी करनी चाहिए। आपको हर समय अपनी पूरी सुरक्षा वर्दी में रहना चाहिए और व्यक्तिगत सौंदर्य और स्वच्छता मानकों को बनाए रखना चाहिए।

    Salary – 18000 to 35000 in hand + Accommodation + Fooding

    Qualification – 10th , 12th , graduation

    Security Guard – Security Guards duties often include securing premises and personnel by patrolling property, monitoring surveillance equipment and inspecting buildings and equipment. Security Guards duties can also access points as well as permitting or prohibiting entry.

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